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Meet the Ikarus Team

Have you ever wondered who is behind Ikarus?

Ikarus is a Startup that was born with the aim of creating an ecosystem that would allow the Ikarus student to learn effectively and efficiently.

Ikarus understands languages as a tool to have a better work and social future. In German-speaking countries like Austria and Vienna, it is crucial to know German to be able to integrate, create friendships and have a motivation that allows you to stay abroad not only for the money.

For this reason we have a very young team to break with traditional teaching, contribute new ideas and revolutionize learning in the classroom.

Ikarus has the best Team to break away from 20th century teaching.

Average Ikarus Age
Ikarus Collaborators

Jose - Ikarus Teacher

Jose, from Fuerteventura. 

Jose loves challenges and enjoys teaching German. He has lived, worked, studied and fell in love in Germany for some years and he was also shocked when he had to face those Austrian words like servus, Mahlzeit or Leiberl. 

Jose has worked in many fields. He is amazed to learn everything about any topic, that’s why he loves German Courses for Companies.

“I love riding my bike and that’s why I also enjoy going to Company courses. Learning how different companies work or which roll the student has in the company is highly motivating and interesting”.

What’s your favorite book?  

I would say “Die Leiden des jungen Werter”, from Goethe. It’s a epistolary novel in which Werter sends some letters to his friend explaining how awesome and beautiful Lotte is. I love it. 

Why did you decide to teach German?

My German teacher at school transmitted always the german culture in a very fun way and I liked it. I was not performing good at school but German was my passion. In one Hausaufgabe we had to choose a song to explain it in class. I chose Ikarus, from Kontra K. Deutsch rap was a hobby and I loved spending time translating these songs in Spanish. After studying one year in Germany, I decided to move to Bonn and study Lehramt there and work as a Spanish teacher in a Gymnasium, where I found out teaching was a beautiful profession. 

What’s the best advice you can give to a future Ikarus student?

German is a difficult language. I always engage my students to look for their passion: maybe German history, German songs, German/Austria architecture, etc. And of course, to have fun. That’s why I enjoy also creating the Ikarus memes.

What’s your role in Ikarus?

I am managing almost everything right now. Ikarus is still a concept, which is almost done. I am in charge of course organisation, social media, the managment of the eCampus and also the colaborations with influencers. And, of course, I am the main teacher!

What’s your wish for this year? 

Kontra K has a song called Dieses eine Mal where he says: Vorsätze gehen kaputt (resolutions fail).  I would like to see Ikarus growing each month, of course, but I also want my Ikarus students to reach their goals and, as long as they are happy with Ikarus, I am satisfied. 

Elia - Ikarus eCampus Creator

Elia, from Basque Country. 

I have a degree in Translation and Interpreting and I love travelling, dancing and languages, of course. I’ve been living in Germany for two years now and I’m currently working as a language assistant here, specifically in a small town in the middle of Thuringia. I also work for the Ikarus Team creating didactic content. 

What’s your favourite book?

– My favourite book is “El silencio de la Ciudad Blanca”. This book is part of a mystery trilogy that actually takes place in Vitoria, my hometown.

Why did you decide to move to Germany ? 

– The main reason for coming to Germany was to improve my German. Since I started learning this language at university, I found it very interesting and a challenge that I wanted to overcome. There is no better way to learn a language than to immerse yourself in the culture of the country!

What’s the best advice you can give to a future Ikarus student?

– My advice for a future Ikarus student would be to be patient. It is not an easy language and it takes time to absorb everything. But don’t get discouraged, the most important thing is to be consistent. Even if you may not realise, there is progress every day.

What’s your wish for this year? 

– My wish for this year is to get to know many European cities, to learn a lot from this experience as a language assistant and to continue getting to know people and cultures from all over the world.

Laura - Ikarus Podcast Creator

Laura, from Vienna. 

She’s in charge of the elaboration & production of the Podcast.

She records it in an specific speed in order to help you to understand it. 

deutsch lernen in wien

Felix - Ikarus Barman

Felix, from Augsburg

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