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Learn German in English through Waff

One of the biggest challenges when we immigrate to Austria is the language. After finding an apartment and a job, the best thing you can do is invest your time in a German course.

And yes, we are talking about investing your time, not your money.

Austria has one of the best social services in Europe, and proof of this is the scholarship they offer you through the Waff to take a German course.

The scholarship works as follows: if you are registered in Vienna (Anmeldung) and  you are working, you can make an appointment at the Waff ( to apply for the scholarship.

This scholarship pays up to €3,000 for a German course in Vienna if you don’t earn more than 1800€ netto.

deutsch lernen in wien

A course that adapts to your needs

At Ikarus we are aware of the importance of German to be able to apply for better paid jobs and with better conditions.

If you want German to find a better job, to integrate better or to be able to live daily life in Vienna without needing your phone.

At Ikarus we will be happy to make your life in Vienna easier and more promising.

This is what our students say

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Why should I choose Ikarus?

Because you are reliable, effective and provide a different Ökosystem

At Ikarus you have:

International Community

Jose will be the teacher in charge of your German course.

  1. Jose completed his Germanistik (German Philology) studies in Madrid and worked as a Spanish teacher in a German Highschool for 2 years. He also worked 1 year in the student parliament as president of the department of social issues at the Universität Bonn. He has completed more than 100 German courses for foreigners in Vienna, from intensive (A1-C1), normal (4-week courses), private, business and certificate preparation courses.
  2. Ikarus has a virtual campus to boost your learning. This eCampus allows you to practice at home what you have learned in class in an interactive way.
  3. We are very committed to the international community. Jose, originally from Spain and with Mexican roots, also emigrated to Germany and knows very well what it means to be abroad without family, friends and without knowing the language.
  4. Ikarus has a WhatsApp group for all Ikarus students where monthly coffees, cocktail afternoons or bar nights are organized to get to know each other.

The Ikarus ecosystem allows the Ikarus student to learn German, integrate better and meet new people from a new perspective never seen in an academy in Vienna.

Jose will be the teacher in charge of your German course.

How can I take a course with Ikarus and benefit from the Waff scholarship?

This is how we are going to proceed

If you want to learn German with Ikarus, get in touch using the form you can find below. We will contact you via call. 

Very important: don’t forget to select the time so that you have time when we call you

After the call, you will have an in-person appointment at Ikarus to clarify the details of the course.

One of the last steps before starting the German course is to submit the budget to Waff that we will give you in Ikarus.

As soon as it is approved, we will start the course.

On the first day of class you must bring books and a notebook.

Jose will explain how to use the eCampus and how we will focus the course based on your needs.


The in-person appointment at Ikarus will clarify all your doubts about the course, but the following modalities are possible:

  • Group course 2 times a week for 8 weeks
  • 1×1 private course (recommended)
  • Course for couples
  • Course for friends/roommates/relatives

Waff gives you a scholarship of up to €3,000, of which you must pay 10% of the total amount in most cases.

With the scholarship you will be able to access a private course of approximately 25 classes. The exact number of classes will be determined in the budget.

Of course!

Both must appear at the in-person appointment in Ikarus.

From the moment you contact Ikarus until the quote is approved, it can take up to 2 weeks.

Contact Ikarus here

For ambitious learners

Let's learn German

We are happy to assess you.

Ikarus, the first Language School with its own Ökosystem in Vienna

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