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Curso de alemán online por 150€

Apollon A2 is a suscription programm made by the Language School Ikarus, based in Vienna.

It helps to practice the theory you have learnt in class.

It provides over 180 online interactive activities to master 44 different topics divided into 13 Lecctions. You can find excercises about the difference of Akusativ and Dativ, Vocabulary in the workplace, the sentences with “dass” or “wenn” and also prepositions, for example.

The development of these excercises are powered by learning apps, H5p, kahoot, Wordwall and Genially.

For each Topic you can find an easy-German explanation, just in case you need to review it again.

In order to keep you motivated, Apollon tunes you into German Hit Songs to skyrocket your knowledge. In every song, the provided transcript is directly connected with your A2 program.

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Can I try before I suscribe?

Sure, be aware that you need to be enrolled in a German Course to be able to understand the exercises and learn with them. 

However, you can learn with the Programm if you follow a A2 book. We recommend you to buy

Pluspunkt Deutsch - Leben in Österreich A1


Deutschkurse in Wien

Choose the Program Apollon A2 if:

Autonomous Learning

You are very motivated to learn but:

  1. Your are tired of learning with a book
  2. You want to have fun but also learn
  3. You would like to compete against other students to be motivated

Attention: If you are not able to focus at home, an autonomous learning is not possible.

This is how you are going to learn:

In the level A2 you start learning the Nebensätze

Die Nebensätze stellen das Verb am Ende des Satzes. Wie können wir die Nebensätze anerkennen? Weil es bestimmte Konjunktionen verwendet werden. Eine Konjunktion davon ist weil.

Nach weil müssen wir das Verb am Ende des Satzes stellen. Die Struktur des Satzes bleibt ansonsten unverändert.

Zum Beispiel:

  • Ich muss früh ins Bett gehen. Ich arbeite morgen um 8 Uhr.

Wie wäre das mit der Konjunktion weil?

  • Ich muss früh ins Bett gehen weil  ich morgen um 8 Uhr arbeite.

Wir müssen nur das Verb am Ende stellen.

Und fertig.

Übung 1 - Put the verb at the end (Level 1)

Übung 2 - What is the reason for each sentence?

Übung 3 - A bad day. What happened first?

Übung 4 - Put the verb at the end (Level II)

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How do I proceed?

We will let you know when you can purchase the subscription. 

The best way to focus and learn is with the Computer. For this reason, the Programm is only available for desktop.

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