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Challenge-IKA #1

The aim of the Sprachschule Ikarus Wien is to keep you motivated.

We developed this challenge to improve your german language skills.

The Challenge-IKA #1: Choose the correct answer as fast as possible. The person who scores the maximum points wins the Challenge-IKA #1.

In case of a tie, the fastest person wins the challenge.  

What do I win? You win 1 UE (a lesson that lasts 45 minutes) valued at 35€. 

You can choose a lesson of German, Spanish or English

The lesson can be taken online or at our Sprachschule in Mariahilfe.

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What are the rules?

There are basically 3 rules:

  • You have to put your instagram name in the game, so we can contact you if you win.
  • You only have one try in the challenge
  • Native German speakers are not allowed to participate. 
 The challenge finishes every Sunday at 17:00 CEST
  • The winner will be announced on Sunday at 18 CEST in our Instagram Account
Deutschkurse in Wien

Challenge-IKA #1

You are going to master the Partizip II

The Partizip II is one of the most important grammatical concepts in German. It helps you to build sentences in the past, sentences in Passiv and sentences in Konjunktiv II.

The main problem is its construction: many verbs are irregular, which means one thing: you have to learn them by heart

To form the Partizip II von regular verbs is easy. Let’s take wohnen as an example.

  1. The first step we have to do is add the Präfix ge- at the beginning of the verb: gewohnen
  2. The second step is to eliminate the termination -en: gewohn
  3. The third step is to add -t at the end of the word. gewohnt. 
  4. You have formed the Partizip II of one regular verb.

But what about irregular ones? Well, you have different options.

  1. Sometimes you just have to add ge- at the beginning of the verb: gekommen
  2. Sometimes you only have to change the termination of the verb and add -t: telefoniert
  3. Sometimes the word changes completely: gegangen (gehen)

Good luck in the challenge! 

Challenge-IKA #1

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