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Sprachschule Ikarus Wien
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Sprachschule Ikarus Wien

Learn German in Vienna

Learning a language is a journey, like flying. But if you fly too high and try to get too close to the sun, you will get burned. That’s why we have developed 4 different plans that adapt 100% to your profile. So you can be successful with the course and move forward on your journey with a plan.

There are 4 plans designated as 404, 203, 4012 and Vorbereitungskurs. They are intensive, semi-intensive and quarterly courses. In addition, we offer a private course that is even more tailored to your needs, for a very competitive price.

Do you have any questions about which plan to choose? Write us a message through the Whatsapp button and we will be happy to advise you.

Would you like to add your employee to this journey? Contact us and we will be delighted to offer you the best option for your company.

The first Language School with its own Ökosystem

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This is what our students say:

Learn German and don't fail trying

Do you want to reinforce weaknesses or express yourself correctly? Information for your needs, this way! 👇🏻

deutsch lernen in Wien

4 weeks German course

The perfect program to start learning German twice a week for 4 weeks

deutsch lernen in wien

12 weeks German course

The course for those expecting to be ready to the german routine in 12 weeks

Certificate preparation ÖSD/ÖIFF/Goethe/EPD

The German Certificate Preparation for your Visa, University & Work

konversationskurs in Wien

Konversationskurs B2/C1

You have a good German level but you don’t see any improvement in your Communication skills?

German course for couples & friends

You want to learn German with your partner, colleague(s) or friend(s) in Vienna and you have a similar German level

deutschkurs a1 wien

German Course for companies

The perfect plan that combines face to face lessons with technology

englisch Einzelunterricht wien

Curso de alemán a través de Waff y AMS

Si vives en Viena y estás trabajando, puedes conseguir tu curso de alemán pagado por el Waff hasta un 90% dependiendo de tu curriculum y trabajo. 

Curso de inglés en Viena

Si quieres mejorar tu inglés o empezar desde cero para conseguir un mejor trabajo, este es el curso que estabas buscando.

Curso de alemán en Viena

Si estás pensando en aprender alemán en Viena u online, tenemos el mejor programa para que no fracases en el intento.

Deutschkurse für firmen in Wien

Spanischkurs in Wien

Wenn du Spanisch mit einem echten Spanier lernen möchtest, haben wir ein besonderes Angebot für dich.

spanisch lernen wien

German Course through WAFF & AMS

If you live in Vienna and are working, you can get your German course paid for by the Waff up to 90% depending on your resume and job.

Deutschkurse in Wien

Viyana'da türkçe öğretmeniyle almanca öğrenin

Almanca’yı başarılı bir şekilde öğrenmenizi sağlamak için, kendinizi tamamen dile kaptırmanıza olanak tanıyan bir Ökosystem geliştirdik

What makes Ikarus different from other Language Schools?

Ikarus Courses

The services from Ikarus
Lower price
  • Ecampus with more than 300 activities
  • Maximal 3 participants
  • Premium Materials
  • Ikarus Events
  • Podcast
  • Translated songs
  • Trainers with more than 500 hours experience
  • Learn German in Spanish, English or Turkish
  • Free Coffee or Tea flatrate

Other Language Schools

The services from Ikarus
  • Ecampus
  • More than 5 participants
  • Premium Materials
  • Events
  • Podcast
  • Translated songs
  • Trainers with more than 500 hours experience
  • Learn German in Spanish, English or Turkish
  • Coffee or Tea flatrate

Check your German level here:

Ikarus Ökosystem

Learning a language requires an enormous effort that does not always end positively. To ensure that you learn German successfully, we have developed an Ökosystem that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the language. What does this ecosystem consist of? The ecosystem is made up of 4 principles so that you learn efficiently and effectively, in addition to supporting you not to lose motivation.

First Principle

The first principle consists of an organized class that is supported by teaching materials such as Kahoots and worksheets created by Ikarus.


Second Principle

The second principle is the eCampus. The eCampus developed 100% by Ikarus teachers offers the possibility of reviewing what you have learned in class in an enjoyable and fun way with online, interactive activities.

In addition, it encourages competition among students. 

The access to the eCampus (A1, A2, B1, B2) is included in the price of the course. 

Third principle

The third principle is the development of a Podcast created, directed and produced by Ikarus at levels A2 and B2 that allows you not only to learn new vocabulary, but also to get to know the culture and current issues of Austria and Germany up close. Translated songs help you understand them better and improve your listening comprehension.

Fourth principle

The fourth principle is the Ikarus community. The philosophy of Ikarus lies in the idea of getting your dream job, your complete integration in Germany or Austria, enrollment in your dream university or understanding your partner’s parents through language.

We understand language as the key to open all the doors you propose. We give you all the tools to open that door as soon as possible. That is why we organize different activities monthly so that you can meet other Ikarus students and expand your friendships.

Where does the lesson take place?

Our lessons take place in the CoWork Vienna, where our Secretary and lessons room are.

This allows us to keep very low prices.

We have two whiteboards and a projector so you can see the digitized content we create

Having a coffee in the terrace while enjoining a nice conversation (in German) with your classmates?

With us is possible. You can get as much Coffee or Tea as you want. 

deutsch lernen in wien

Our philosophy

Jose, the founder

A few years ago I started learning German at school. After dealing with the declination of the articles I decided to embark on the adventure of studying Modern Languages and its German and English Literatures, what was formerly German philology. Believe me it was not easy, it was 4 years in which you had to understand German linguistics that was not at all laugh and sing. Such a good and tough times… but that made me competent.


During my university years I took every opportunity to improve my language skills… well, to learn a lot of German.

Between 2020 and 2022 I worked as an assistant in a high school in western Germany in Spanish classes. This period helped me to teach better and more efficiently. I had very competent teachers who had a passion for what they did: teach. With his professionalism, the children managed to master Spanish.

Let's master German

Being in a foreign country, without friends, without family, without the typical gastronomy of our country and above all, without being able to communicate.

This type of situation has also touched me to live them. But in order to integrate, not only learning German is important. With my Sprachschule we will learn together the culture of Austria, we will learn to understand the Austrians and their traditions.

I have also gone through your situation and a better future is possible. Therefore, the commitment from all our teachers is 100% with all our students.

YOUR Teacher

I studied German philology in Madrid for 4 years (university degrees in Spain last 4 years), I spent a year in Bonn (Germany) to improve my language skills. Then I returned to Germany to work for 2 years in a school as a Spanish assistant while I finished my Spanish-English degree studies at the University of Bonn. Also, I ran for university elections with the Greens University Group (GHG), where I got to be the head of the Social Affairs Department (Sozialreferat) of the AStA.

Our teachers have brilliant education and are ready to push you to the highest level in order to reach your goals. 

Let's talk, let's know each other

deutschkurs a1 wien

Book a trial lesson with no commitment

If you want to improve your German but:

- You are not sure about the method
- You do not not if you should invest in languages
- You do not know if it's useful to earn more
- You don't know if you want to stay in Germany or Austria

… maybe we should have a talk.

Let's talk! 💬
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